Author: Mandi J. Arthur

Business Made Exciting And Fun: Attend One of These Programs

If you are striving to be a business owner, you will find that it is impossible to focus on business without the latest technology and innovation. Through successful corporate meetings, you can learn about global leadership through organizing business networking. There are limitless possibilities. For those students who want to experience business and corporate internships, there is business value you […]

Present Trends In The Polypropylene Market Price Which You Should Know

Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic polymer used as a plastic and as a fiber across multiple industries ranging from packaging to textiles and automotive. According to global polypropylene market price trends, the overall market value is expected to reach $115 billion by 2022, estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5 percent. The market is projected to be led by […]

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need SEO  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that helps increase the likelihood of a website to be found in search engines, particularly Google and Bing. You’ve probably heard for the nth time that you need SEO for your small business, but you feel there isn’t any pressing reason to invest in it. However, facts surrounding SEO are proving otherwise. In […]

Has Legal Marijuana Changed Colorado for the Better?

Legal recreational marijuana has made some big changes for Colorado and other states that have legalized it. Colorado passed Amendment 64 in 2012 and it sent shockwaves across the United States as people began watching to see what would happen next. While it didn’t solve every problem that Colorado was dealing with before legalization, it’s certainly had an impact on […]

Getting Help With Today’s Technology

The holiday season has just passed, and many of us have received technology gifts for the holidays. These can range from televisions to computer systems as examples. There are also smaller and more portable gifts such as cell phones and gaming systems. Many of us don’t even pause the instructions before we instinctively set up the gift and start using […]

Top Ways to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

As a business owner, you know that marketing is essential to bringing you to more clients. Understanding how to connect with your ideal clients can be a real challenge if you’re not armed with the right marketing strategies. We’re going to share with you some of the best marketing strategies you should be using to take your business to a […]

Benefits of Listening to Experienced Motivational Speakers in Society

As we all know, everything in life has got their seasons and purpose. There Are times when people are young and productive in their careers while later in their in their life, they become old and less productive in what they used to do previously. This is a natural phenomenon, and it should be accepted the way it is. However, […]

The down-low on Intranet Networks

An intranet network is a closed network that is only accessible to an organization and anyone else who is permitted and also connected into the network. When one uses an intranet network, they are said to “Interact Intranet“. Oftentimes, a large variety of data and services are only accessible to an organization’s own intranet network, and the information and services […]

A Look at the Basics of Penetration Testing

Even though technology has made things incredibly easier for humanity, it has also ushered in a new age of crime known as cybercrime. As we advance more into the future, so does cybercrime as hackers continuously come up with new methods of data breaches through which they steal and cause havoc among businesses. One would be quick to think that […]

Staying Organized Can Keep Your Small Company Growing

In the United States, there are many small businesses that continuously face issues that have to deal with losing files, misplacing files and even show incorrect data. The problem with this is that it can cause small companies to lose their client’s trust in dependability. As small business, you always want to show your consumers and your client’s that you […]