How Employee Recognition Can Boost Company Morale


Your employees are there day in and day out supporting your business. It takes a lot to come to work each day with the same dedication for routine tasks. Some of your employees stand out more than others. They’re dedicated to their job. They work diligently to perform quality work, always on time, need very little supervision, and help others succeed. They’re the model employee. So, what can you do to show how much you care about their standout job performance? A boss that can reward employees will boost company morale and maintains long-term employees.

How To Show Employee Appreciation

There are several incentives that will show your employees how much you appreciate their service. The most popular employee incentive is bonus checks. You can give out a bonus check at any time. However, most employers give it out once a year as a bonus. For example, if your employee closed a great deal that’s helped your business earn money, a bonus check is a great inventive. The Bureau Labor of Statistics suggests; an employee should receive 11 percent of their yearly salary as a bonus. In fact, some bonus checks are given out as a Christmas bonus. Your business should never extend more than they can afford.

Plaques and awards are another great employee incentive. A plaque gives an employee something tangible that they can take home or use as an incentive to stay dedicated and put it on their desk. You can get an award engraved with the employee’s name and their years of service. Plus, you can host a small office party to hand out your award. An employer can offer food and refreshments and hand out the award during the work day. However, you can also have an after hour function, and invite all of your employees. There are many companies that offer engraved rewards and plaques to their employees as a reward.

A letter is a great employee reward. A letter is a personal reward for their dedication to your business or brand. You can tell them what you admire most about their job performance in a letter of recognition. An employer should keep the letter very professional, but they can also include heartfelt words of admiration. To add more significance to a letter of recognition, you can include the signature of other upper level management. Your letter should be on company letterhead. Be sure to include their name, job title, and specific tasks that helped them received the letter.

Showing your employees how much you appreciate them will encourage others to do their best. They will be glad to be a part of a job that gives their employees rewards. It’s also a great incentive to encourage others to do their best. Employee of the month is an incentive that you can give to several employees to show appreciation for several employees. You can also offer your team incentives for a great job performance as a group. Time off, extra break time, and casual Friday are all good ways to reward your employees. Talk to your staff about their incentive preferences for exceptional employees.


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