Guide to Understand IPAF


The acronym IPAF stands for International Power-powered Federation. It monitors the safety aspects of working at altitude using any powerful lifting equipment, such as scissors and boom lifting aids. Static towers and scaffolding can also be accessed, but for anything where the job requires a lot of walking or where the height varies, the best way to walk by force is because it involves less climbing. ۔ The work on the stairs and the tower worked well because it is very tiring and as everyone knows, fatigue disappears. And so is the lack of training, and that’s where the IPAF training comes from.


IPAF training usually only takes one day and should be understood as a day that can save your life – even the staff who works at the usual height can usually avoid training. They make something new with them, and it is essential to keep the date. Using tools daily is self-satisfying, and it never bothers to remind people how dangerous it can be to work with MWPs (mobile elevating work platforms). For more details, see our Scissor Lift Training Courses and IPAF Maps for Managers Training.

Why is the qualification useful?

As a successful participant in the IPAF-affiliated training session, you will receive a certificate and a laminated card indicating that you have completed the course’s practical and theoretical elements. This card is accepted throughout the UK, and for those who work for agencies or who may like to travel around the country for a variety of jobs, it can make a significant difference in whether or not to win a job contract. ۔ Top-up training is also available and is recommended whenever an employee starts working on a variety of power-powered devices. Although the health and safety factor is the same, some goods have different hazards, and it would not be wise to suppose that all MWPs are the same. The risks vary depending on the item being used. For example, using a cherry picker outside for tree work is very different from using it inside for painting or other care. External hazards will come from the uneven or unstable ground. Inside, crush injury will be the most significant risk.

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