How Much of Your Business Budget Should Be Used for Marketing

Marketing is vital for a business to establish its brand and make itself recognised in the market. Generally, it’s a common opinion that companies should spend approximately 5% of their revenues on marketing. However, that amount is not set in stone.

These are only rules of thumb, but, the amount you would need on marketing will still depend on the goals you set and how you want to achieve them. It also varies depending on the public’s opinion of your product and company.

While it’s risky to invest a lot of money in marketing, you will have fewer problems if you have set goals and a good plan of getting there.

The 5% rule

It’s not a written rule, but most entrepreneurs agree that businesses should only invest 5% of revenues for marketing. But, you can go lower or higher than that depending on what you want.

Most of the time, companies only go above 5% when a product is new and don’t have an established market share. Companies with trusted products and an established market share can get away with spending less than 5%.

Also, the 5% rule shouldn’t be followed year-in and year-out, as sometimes businesses have to invest big money on one-time spends for marketing to promote the brand even more.

Is the market competitive?

Sometimes, spending a lot of money on marketing can turn out to be a mistake. However, when your business is in a competitive and saturated industry, it might leave you with no option but to spend big.

It’s necessary if you want to get ahead of your competitors and push your brand forward. However, companies might have to spend more than 10% of revenues on marketing to do so.

The costs of pushing your brand forward

Marketing requires resources; there’s no denying that. With these investments comes risks, and sometimes marketing investments don’t pay off. However, before you can start profiting off your marketing investments, all companies need to set up a foundation first.

For startups who want to get a fair share of the market, starting a marketing campaign will require the company to spend 20% to 30% of their income on marketing for the first few years. Due to this, most startups hesitate to invest since there’s no assurance if it will ever pay off. But, it’s necessary, especially in a competitive industry. Some costs include new print ads, hiring a marketing agency, or building an in-house marketing team.

Businesses also have to deal with one-time marketing spends that cost a lot of money, such as a new website and signing a celebrity to promote the brand.

While it’s all a headache for entrepreneurs due to the various investments and risks involved, a marketing plan should work with the right information, analysis, and decisions. Also, for a marketing budget work, the marketing plan should always be revisited for changes that can lessen the costs and improve the marketing campaign’s efficiency.

Smart marketing investments

A functional marketing campaign will always require a sizable budget for it to work; however, a big budget doesn’t always guarantee success. Marketing is all about promoting your product in the right way and to the right people.

With every untimely ad, ineffective marketing concepts, and every time you promote to the wrong people, it’s a waste of good income. To make sound marketing investments, you can make informed decisions by consulting with a financial modelling company that offers advanced analytics services like storytelling with data. You can definitely make better decisions for your company when data is transformed into actionable insights.

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