When to Call a HVAC Professional

The general rule for calling a HVAC professional is for HVAC repair and annual service.  Sometimes you may not even understand that your HVAC requires a repairing. There are small signs of damage to a HVAC system that indicate need for repairing. If you don’t pay attention to them, they can result in bigger damage and need for replacement.

Burning Smell

If you sense a burning smell from your HVAC, you must call a professional immediately because it can be a sign of a short circuit. Sometimes there are minor sparks due to broken insulation of wiring. The wire normally does not ignite immediately but sparks can cause melting of wires and other parts over time.

Foul Smell

Normally the HVAC system is safe from insect or animal invasion. In rare cases some animals or insects enter the system and may not find a way to get out. You need to call a professional to check the HVAC system. Another reason for foul smell can be fungus growth. When filters are not cleaned for a long time, accumulated dust can catch fungus resulting in foul smell. HVAC servicing professionals will clean the system to remove any such source of smell.

Decreased Performance

If your HVAC system is not working properly or is not working at all you need a professional to check it. The professional tells you if you need repairing or a replacement. Don’t try to repair the HVAC system yourself as it can result in irreversible damage.  Sometimes a decrease in performance of the HVAC system is just because of a lack of maintenance and care.

Mostly HVAC system can regain good performance after servicing or minor repairing. You need to pay attention to minor problems of the HVAC system before they increase. Annual servicing and HVAC system check helps a professional detects a problem that needs to be addressed.

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