Why a SaaS tool can improve your business

Being a business owner you are always oriented towards improving and running a successful business. No matter how business savvy you are, managing a business is never easy. The same goes for small and large businesses.

We said it was not easy, but not impossible. There are ways to track your progress and make the needed improvements. All successful companies depend on time tracking, planning and reporting to keep their business and employees on the right track.

So, if you do not already use these techniques in managing your business and employees, it is time to start.

Time tracking, planning, and reporting improves your business results

From many different perspectives, time tracking, planning and reporting are important for your business. Let’s take a closer look on some of our appreciated users’ opinions.

In simplicity, cost, and effectiveness, 14Dayz really stands out from the rest!

At the end of 2008, Nathalie opened her first Ladyline location, soon followed by the second. Since two years her team members use the 14Dayz time tracking application to their satisfaction.

“We need to plan and monitor the time spent by our team members at each location, in order to be as effective and efficient as possible.”, Nathalie stresses the importance of accurate time tracking.

Nathalie: “I can highly recommend the tool. We have already used multiple systems over time, but in simplicity, cost, and effectiveness, 14Dayz really stands out from the rest!”

I do and will suggest this software to others

At Janimation, 14Dayz has been the time management tool for quite some time. “We use 14Dayz for payroll, bidding new projects, budget control and time management.”, says Debbo O’Neal from the 3d and VR animation studio.

Would Debbo recommend 14Dayz? “It’s given us information we use for payroll, bidding new projects, not going over budget and timesheet.

We all depend on this software while we do our daily jobs.  We highly recommend 14Dayz.”

14Dayz has been my loyal partner for about 10 years now

Marc Huon is interim manager at executive level. He talks about his experience with our application: “14Dayz has been my loyal partner in the field of time registration of my projects for about 10 years now. And throughout that time I have convinced many employees and colleagues of these functionalities.”

He talks about the main benefits: “The time tracking application makes it possible to register, manage and then bill the time spent on my various projects in a very simple and well-organized way. I often work with daily prices. And I have never found any other system that is as efficient as 14Dayz.”

No more debating on declarable hours

With the 14Dayz time tracking solution you’ll never have to debate on the hours displayed on invoices. What’s so nice about it, is the fact that you don’t need more than a smartphone or tablet to track your time.

Wherever you are, whenever you like, time tracking with 14Dayz is simple, transparant, safe and mobile.

5 reasons to try 14Dayz now

  1. Free mobile app for Android and iOS available
  2. Allocate your projected time and cost to users, projects and jobs
  3. Create customized reports and download them in PDF, .csv and .xls format
  4. Free plan for solo entrepreneurs with 1 user and a maximum of 4 clients and 4 projects.
  5. Free personal support via e-mail

Try it yourself and signup for your free trial now: https://14dayz.com/freetrial/


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