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Businessman Timur Tillyaev helps UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital during a COVID pandemic critical point

Lola Karimova Tillyaeva and her husband, businessman Timur Tillyaev, have a record of philanthropic commitments spanning almost two decades. This experience enabled them to spring into action as the COVID pandemic began to threaten the US health system. Though originally from Uzbekistan, their home is now in LA so it was there that they directed their efforts. As Johnese Spisso, […]

This Festive Season Use Reusable Gift Bags for Showing Your Love and Appreciation  

If you own a business, sending thoughtful gifts to your clients and customers is a great gesture. It shows them that you care for them and think them to be an important part of your business. If you have a large clientele and employees working for your business, then you might want to purchase gifts and gift bags in bulk. […]

How Much of Your Business Budget Should Be Used for Marketing

Marketing is vital for a business to establish its brand and make itself recognised in the market. Generally, it’s a common opinion that companies should spend approximately 5% of their revenues on marketing. However, that amount is not set in stone. These are only rules of thumb, but, the amount you would need on marketing will still depend on the […]

Why Online Polling is Beneficial during Presentations

Online polling is the process by which you gain insight into the opinions and responses of your audience in real-time. Online polling can be very helpful when you want to get an idea of what your audience wants, thinks, or will act on when put through a specific situation. Online polls can be generated with the help of poll creators. […]