A Brief History of Advertising


Advertising and marketing have long been the way to sell products and make money. However, the methods for achieving this have changed in a few ways. While every method of advertising is pretty much available to use, there are always new methods that emerge. Some of them turn out to be more effective than the previous method. However, the factors that drive the effectiveness of the advertising methods include where the majority of the potential customers are and the devices that they use. It was important for businesses and marketing professionals to know where people are so that they can reach potential customers in an efficient manner.

A few decades ago, the methods for advertising included posters, newspaper advertising spots, television spots, radio spots and telephone book listings. They were the most effective forms of advertising in the day. The reasons that they were very effective is because people have used them on a massive level. That way, they were used for advertisement stages when it comes to reaching people. Of course, as technological advancements have been made, new advertising methods have emerged. Therefore, people have started jumping on them in order to prepare for the explosion of the trend.

When the internet launched, some of the savviest business owners have seen the potential that this invention had. Therefore, they have started utilizing this system and getting acquainted with this new method so that they can be among the first businesses to profit from it and there for make plenty of money. Among the forms of advertising that were used in the beginning of internet usage were banners and links. They were the way people have gained customers for their business. They have also paid for advertising spots on various websites. Of course as the internet grew, they have come up with more efficient ways to attract customers.

Eventually, social media has come to be a big thing. This has attracted many business owners. As social media grew, it has opened people up to a new kind of ad platform. This platform enabled people to engage in marketing through connection. People have used social media as a means to gain popularity and then monetize it. Also, alongside social media has come sophistication in streaming technology. Therefore, people have become better able to watch videos and listen to music over the internet. Businesses have started looking to streaming services as a way to attract customers and gain the business that they are hoping for.

Online advertising as well as mobile advertising is now one of the most effective methods for advertising and other forms of marketing. One of the most important factors to the effectiveness of this source of traffic for advertising is the convenience. People are hardwired to look for something that is convenient when it comes to getting the products and services that they want. Therefore, a business would be wise to work towards serving the convenience of the customer. Most recently, native ads have risen in prominence.

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