Skills you need to have in order to pursue a data science career

Did you always wanted to pursue a career in data science, but do you not have the wanted skills and experience? Don’t worry, in this article we will tell you what skills you need and where to learn those skills.

Program language skills

One of the skills you definitely need to have are programming skills. No matter what type of company you want to work at, programming is the basic requirement for you to pursue a data science career path. Statisctical programming language, such as R or python, and a database querying language like SQL can be learned, and more easily it can be learned for free online. One of website where you can learn programming is the code academy.


Another vital part of pursuing a data science career is a good understanding of statistics. You should be familiar of various statistical tests, distributions, etc. These knowledge is what you need in order to use machine learning and the techniques you can use to analyse the big data.

Machine learning

If you are going to work or aspire to work at a big company that has huge amount of data to work at, or work at a company where the product itself is especially data-driven, you should be familiar with machine learning methods. These techniques could be implemented in using R or python libraries, since in most cases it is not necessary to know how the algorithm work. It is more important to understand the different techniques and when it is appropriate to use.

Data wrangling

The data you are going to analyze are in most cases messy and difficult to work with. So next to these programming and statistical skills you are going to need, it is also important to know how to deal with the imperfect and chaotic data sets. You need to know how to “clean” the data set in order to be able to analyse it.

Data Visualization

Last but not least it is important that you know how to visualize the data. You should be able to analyze it, but you also need to be able to communicate it to other audiences in a clear and consistent way. You should describe your findings, the way techniques work to audiences. Visualization-wise, you could use toolks like matplotlib, ggplot, or dashboarding tools.

If you have managed and learned these skills you are ripe for starting a data entry job. One website that offers data entry jobs from home is only remote jobs.


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