How to optimise your warehouse system

Your warehouse is undoubtedly a busy place, with not much time available to really think about whether it is being used to its full capabilities. However, making time to plan your storage system can really benefit the business as a whole. Here’s how you can make the most of your warehouse storage system.

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With many businesses experiencing unprecedented growth, now is the time to think about how you use your warehouse. Many food warehouses are already feeling the pressure due to those in the food industry making the decision to stockpile food in the run-up to Brexit. However, even if you work in a steady industry, there is never a bad time to rethink your warehouse system.

The layout
Detailed planning of your storage system is essential to knowing when a change is needed. You may find that certain stock needs more space, so you must decide whether a change in placement is needed. If you regularly move your inventory or you are starting with a new plan, you should ensure that there is plenty of room for machinery such as forklift trucks to prevent potential accidents.

Room to grow
When planning your storage system, always think about the potential of business growth and how it will affect the system in place. It doesn’t necessarily mean using a larger space. Instead, think about how your storage will stand the test of time. Keep your shelving updated and keep an eye on new technologies that will benefit the overall running of the warehouse.

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Vertical storage
If you are struggling to find any additional floor space, consider storing vertically. Many companies forget to make use of the warehouse height and end up cramming all of their inventory in the floor space. Think about using pallet racking, such as the adjustable options found at to maximise your warehouse space and keep the area safe. If you are looking for pallet racking Ireland has plenty of options, so do your research in order to utilise your warehouse storage better.

With many options on how to improve your warehouse system, it is essential that you keep your plans up to date. Not only will this make it easier to find specific stock, but it will also make the job of updating equipment much simpler.


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